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Riivolution Updated to v1.03!!

Happy Independence Day America! In line with belated news, a new version of Riivolution was released to coincide with the Wii’s new 4.3 system menu update. To find out what’s new and download the new version, go to RVLution.net’s Riivolution page. The coolest change is that you no longer need an SD card to load hacks, as Riivolution can connect to RiiFS without one. Expect an updated RiiFS guide soon, once I’ve unpacked everything and set up my Wii. Has anyone tried Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet? Is it a NSMBw beater? Kotaku.com featured an article on the ultimate domination of 3D by 2D. In a nutshell it concludes that despite graphical enhancements, it’s not possible to make a 3D game as tight and as beautiful as a 2D game, and in consideration of SMG2 says “That dimension is an extra variable that allows error, player confusion and frustration. The 2D levels prove to be a reminder that, ok, maybe 3D levels are never going to be as sublime as those in 2D.”

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Wii Update 4.3

The new update for your Wii (v4.3) blocks bannerbomb, homebrew and riivolution, which means there’s no simple way to use these mods, run any homebrew or load patches. This is all the update does. Do NOT update if you want to use mods. There is absolutely no reason to update. If you have updated, you can use Indiana Pwns or Smash Stack. This update to v4.3 may have killed quick custom patches, as you can no longer use mods straight from your SD card, but with the update RVLution.net has release a new version of Riivolution (v1.3). Check it out!. Also check out hackmii.com for the lastest progress on finding a way to install homebrew to 4.3.

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How to change the music (play with custom soundtracks)

update 2! Oceans14 writes: “If you are using this file patcher for New Super Mario Bros Wii, you don’t need to set any loop begin or end points in the BRSTM converter. Just make sure the “loop” box is checked in the converter, and make sure that the replaced BRSTMs and the BRSAR file are in the same folder. The BRSAR manager actually makes the BRSTMs loop for you.” Thanks Oceans14! :) Update 1! White Dragon has released a BRSAR maker with multi-channel support (allowing Yoshi drums on a track). Check out the announcement post here. ***To make custom music, download BCSM (Brawl custom Song Maker). You’ll also need Hamradio’s BSRAR Patcher* (info). Open BCSM and click ‘Add…’, then ‘Add to Queue’, then select the MP3, WAV, OGG or FLAC file you want to use in NSMBw. You can choose multiple files if you want. When you’ve seleceted all the files you want to use, click ‘Convert to BRSTM’. The program will decode your music file, then encode it to BRSTM. It might pause for a while during this process, … Continue reading

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How to play online levels using RiiFS

The last post introduced you to RiiFS, a program allowing you to connect your computer to your wii, eliminating the need to swap your SD card between your Wii and computer every time you want to change patch content. But RiiFS also allows you to play levels and mods online, by connecting to a server hosting playable content. Simply download the XML for the server you want to connect and put it in your ‘riivolution’ folder on your SD card, replacing your existing XML patch file for NSMBw. For the latest list of servers, go here. At time of writing, two servers were featured: one to play featured NSMBw levels, and another to play the most popular levels. For more info, go here for the featured levels server, and here for the most popular levels server. for information on the network element of Riivolution, go here.

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Brawl Bowser

Screenshots by Pikazapper*Updated*Want a badder Bowser? Try this version, which uses Bowser’s Brawl textures to give him more of a grimey, menacing look. Thanks to Pikazapper for testing and screenshots. Download the Brawl Bowser texture here. Two more screenshots here and here. If you downloaded the Bowser skins/June Pack before 18th June, read this. There were some problems getting Bowser skins to work, as there are 2 ‘koopa.arc’ files on the disc, so you need to tell Riivolution which one to patch. Your XML patch ID entry for the texture needs to look something like this. If you have the June Pack, download this updated XML, and use it to replace the existing one in the ‘riivolution’ folder.

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Giga Bowser

Screenshots by PikazapperMany people were upset at the lack of Giga or Dry Bowser in NSMBw. Well, now you can fight the baddest incarnation of Bowser yet! Thanks to Pikazapper at the rvlution.net forums for testing and screenshots. Download the texture on its own here, or with everything you need to use it in the July Pack here. Note that you need to create an XML that will point directly to the ‘koopa.arc’ in the ‘Objects’ folder, otherwise (if you’re using it) Riivolution will patch only the ‘koopa.arc’ in the MovieDemo folder. View the details of the XML here.

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How to export & replace textures

This guide tells you how to replace textures for characters, objects and backgrounds. For this tutorial;, we’re going to replace the texture of a Koopa Troopa’s empty red shell to match the grey and pink colours of Portal’s Weighted Companion Cube. The same principals apply to other objects or characters though. Visit the tools page for downloads to all the programs mentioned here, and go here of you to download any of the files mentioned. Extract ‘nokonokoA.arc’ from the objects folder in your NSMB ISO using WiiScrubber, or download it here. (If you don’t have an ISO, dump the contents of your NSMBwii disc to a USB drive using DumpMii.) Open it with SZS Modifier. In the ‘Open’ dialog, you’ll need to choose ‘All files’ from the drop-down menu in the bottom-right to find .arc files. Browse to the Textures folder and export ‘nokonoko_shell.2′ by double-clicking the image and choosing ‘File> Export’ from the preview window that appears. Save the file as ‘RedShell.png’. Now edit ‘Redshell.png’ with your favourite graphics manipulation program. Paint.NET and GIMP are free and fairly easy … Continue reading

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How to use custom textures/levels

Load from backups/ISOsTo use custom levels/textures with backups or custom ISOs, go here. Riivolution doesn’t work with backups, only retail discs. Load with Riivolution (v4.3)If you’ve updated your Wii to system menu v4.3, you’ll need to use the old hacks Indiana Pwns (which works with Lego Indiana Jones) or Smash Stack (which works with NTSC Super Smash Bros. Brawl), and an updated version of Riivolution. For more information on Wii update 4.3, check out Aaron and Omega’s topic at the RVLution.net forums. Load with Riivolution (v4.2)To use Riivolution with 4.2 you need a retail copy of New Super Mario Bros. wii, Riivolution (launchable from HBC, SD or via the programs installable channel), and a working XML (like this). This video tells you the basics of Riivolution, XML and folder structure. To run Riivolution and use custom NSMBwii hacks from an SD card, without installing anything, download this file. Extract the contents of the ZIP and put them on your SD card. the file contains Riivolution and bannerbomb (which loads programs from the SD card menu). On your SD card, in … Continue reading

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How to view models & test textures

Kentalin’s Model Viewer lets you view character models and test textures. BrawlBox let you do this for Smash Bros. Brawl, and SZS Modifier has a restricted model viewer that works for most models, but this program really comes in handy for NSMBwii. Visit the tools page for downloads to all the programs mentioned here. This guide will tell you how to extract Mario’s main body model, and extract and test his costume textures. First you need to extract Mario.arc, the file containing all of Mario’s animation, texture and body data, from the NSMBwii ISO. If you don’t have an ISO, check google or rip one yourself with WiiDump. Use WiiScrubber to extract Mario.arc from the ‘object’ folder on the NSMBwii ISO (right-click on Mario.arc and click ‘Extract’). Load SZS Modifier, expand the folder view in the left pane to model.brres, right-click model.brres and click ‘Export Raw Data…’. Save the file as Mario.brres. This is the same as what U8Mii does, except it can convert entire folders to brres files. You can now view Mario’s normal body by renaming Mario.brres to … Continue reading

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