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Hi I’m Mariogalaxy4444 but i go by the name Metalkingboo. I am so happy i joined that i decided to edit my old picture to the new one above.

My hacking experience started when i was about nine figuring out how to play emulators on the computer then rising up to be a Wii hacker. Now that i figured out how to texture hack games like NSMBWii, MKWii, and SSBB, I can make exciting new texture’s for Mariomods.

With that being said i decided to make Mario Kart Wii item texture’s for each item.

Sorry there’s no in game pics, but the video is below

You can also download them here.


Site Re-Design & Updates

darkly77 I now have a job as a web developer, so finding time for MarioMods may be harder than it was while at Uni. As with everyone else who does this sort of stuff, there comes a time when you just move on, as life takes you in new and exciting directions. I’ll post some new content when I can, but there are only a few games worth modding, the scene is pretty stale, and no big new games will be coming out since the announcement of the new Wii console.

However, the job’s taught me a few things about design, so MarioMods has been re-designed.

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Mario Kart Wii: Fire Toad joins the race

The blue and yellow Toads from New Super Mario Bros. Wii were given fire forms, so it’s only natural if THE Toad’s fire form can be thought up as well.

Toad’s mushroom cap has its colors flipped. The vest is colored white, with red rims. Also, Toad’s fire form does have him wear a blue sleeveless shirt underneath the vest.

Coincidentally, these colors actually represent the American flag, and fittingly enough, this hack came before Independence Day.

The vehicles have also been modified to match the color scheme, except for the Blue Falcon, in which I used the textures from Baby Mario’s Blue Falcon, and replaced his symbol with Toad’s.

This hack is now up for download, so feel free to use it as you please.



Mario Kart Wii: Hot Bills and Spoiled Bananas

Today I bring some more Mario Kart Wii item hacks to utilize. Although not much, they can be used to expand your hacking horizons.

Burning Bullet Bill

If you remember that Burning King Bill hack that I did for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, here’s the Bullet Bill variation. Don’t touch it if you don’t want to get burned.

Brown Banana

It’s bad enough when you slip on banana peels, but rotten banana peels are probably even worse. Watch out for these peels while racing.

Downloads for these hacks are up, so they’re free to use at will.

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E3: New Super Mario Bros. Mii

darkly77 New NSMB revealed at E3, using the WiiU’s new controller and HD support. Looks nice!

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NSMB Wii: New Texture Hacks

I did up some more texture hacks for New Super Mario Bros. Wii after a brief hiatus from that game. Here are the three hacks that today holds…

Green Wiggler

This texture hack is basically based on the Fuzzy Wiggler enemies from Yoshi’s Story. In that game, they were colored green. However, jumping on them made them turn purple. Therefore, to follow that routine, the green Wigglers turn purple when stomped on. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the giant Wigglers.

Rainbow Hair Iggy

Iggy had the biggest makeover among all the Koopalings, especially with his hair. To look back in the past, I did modify Iggy’s hair to be rainbow colored. His shell is also given a rainbow coloring along the way.

Shadow Thwomp

If you remember when I did up Shadow Bowser’s Castle, I did modify the Thwomps during the process. The Shadow Thwomps that roamed that castle make their return here, and they obviously behave like the basic Thwomps.

On a side note, I did have to do some extra edits for the spikes, since the spikes normally use the IA8 texture format. In order to give the spikes the purple coloring, I had to change the texture format for the spikes to RGB565. That did involve some hex editing to pull off; IA8 and RGB565 use the same amount of memory.

The three textures above are now available to download. Enjoy them as you please.


Mario Kart Wii: Teal Outfit Baby Daisy

Since Daisy got a teal colored outfit, it’s only fair that her infant form gets the same kind of treatment. Obviously, the origin of this hack is Daisy’s alternate outfit from Mario Strikers Charged.

Like with Teal Outfit Daisy, Teal Outfit Baby Daisy’s vehicles have also been recolored to match her outfit scheme. Apart from that, not much else to say here.

Anyway, this texture hack is now up for download, so head to the download link below if you want to use it.



Mario Kart Wii: Teal Outfit Daisy

In Mario Strikers Charged, Daisy had an alternate outfit, which had her wearing a teal colored outfit. What I basically did was give Daisy’s dress and biker outfit a teal coloring, while maintaining her other colors.

The vehicles have also been recolored to match this color scheme. Apart from that, not much else to state.

Anyway, this texture is now up for download by heading to the link below. Enjoy.



Mario Kart Wii: Dark Dry Bowser

This is basically the Dark Bones version of Dry Bowser. His dark skeletal body is combined with red bracelets, a dark red shell, and orange spikes on the shell. Even his vehicles have been modified to match this color scheme.

Oddly, Dark Dry Bowser’s standard vehicles are highly identical to that of Dark Bones’s. The difference being the logos that are on them.

Anyway, this texture hack is now up for download, and you can get it yourself by heading to the following link…



Universal Game Save Editor: BEAST

early development shot

darkly77 For the past 4 days I’ve been coding a game save editor. If you know hex, you know how to edit save files already, but it’s tiresome and you have to look up every offset. If you don’t know hex you need to wait for someone to release a game save editor. Either way sort of sucks.

BEAST loads an XML containing offsets and various other information, loads a game save file, then loads the values for each offset and allows you to edit them. Cool, huh? It also allows to you make your own XML files using a friendly interface.

In lay terms, BEAST allows anyone to edit save files without having to wait for an editor to be released. I’m VERY excited to be bringing this to the public. It’s my first ever program; I decided to skip learning how to make a calculator and actually do something AWESOME. Hit the jump for two more screenshots.


Note: I know you can’t read an integer value of for just 1 byte, that part of the code just wasn’t fixed yet! Also, I’ll fix the large image below after sleep. It’s 7am and I’ve been coding this for 4 days straight!

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