Modding with Updated Wii’s

darkly77 Updated your Wii to 4.3? Fear not, there are a couple of new ways to soft mod your Wii! The Twilight hack hasn’t worked for a few versions, but Smash Stack (NTSC only) and Indiana Pwns still work, and three new hacks have recently emerged: Bathaax for Lego Batman, Return of the Jodi for Lego Star Wars, and Yu-Gi-Owned (PAL)/Yu-Gi-Vah (NTSC) for Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Wheelie Breakers.

Click the names or images above for more information. Like the other loaders, they allow you to load Hackmii or whatever homebrew you want, but now you have a choice of 4 different games to use (5 if you’re in an NTSC region). It also seems there’s a second, unreleased Star Wars exploit called Jabba The Haxx (more info here).

This is just an informative message, a full guide is unnecessary as the exploit pages have plenty of information. More info here.

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