Mario Sports Mix: First Texture Hacks

With the release of my texture hacking tutorial, I only find it fair if I show you guys the first three Mario Sports Mix texture hacks that I’ve kept in storage for all of these months. After all, there has to be some truth to the story.

The image above is a screenshot of the character select screen, with two of my first three texture hacks displayed. You’ll also notice that some of the CSS icons have been modified. Refer to the tutorial for more info.

Red Yoshi

I have been pretty disturbed that the Red Yoshi was restricted to being a non-playable helper in Dodgeball. However, this texture hack fixes that problem up. Of course, this Red Yoshi is brighter than the normal one, so in a way, it helps to let people know which Red Yoshi is which. In other words, the brighter colored Red Yoshi is the playable one.

To finish up, this hack replaces Pink Yoshi.

Blue Yoshi

The Blue Yoshi hack that I did up for New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets a chance to pop up again. Often I find it odd how the real Blue Yoshi is more purple in color, but at least this Blue Yoshi is actually blue.

This hack replaces Light Blue Yoshi.

Magic Red White Mage

Seeing as the Black Mage has a Magic Red outfit, I merely thought about if the White Mage had a Magic Red outfit too. This texture hack is pretty much what I came up with.

Now, the White Mage does have two outfits, which is her default outfit, and her Pure White outfit. However, the models that they use are different from each other. Since I was using the default outfit as a base, this hack replaces the White Mage’s default outfit.


The downloads above will contain the modified .mdl files, which are placed in their proper folder, along with two BRRES files, and a TPL file. Refer to the text documents to know how to use the BRRES and TPL files.


A user made a statement that the hacks cause the game to crash in Hockey. The hacks have been tested on the NTSC-U version of the game without any flaws. I also noticed that there’s nothing different about the PAL ISO files, so the hacks should easily be region friendly.

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12 Responses to Mario Sports Mix: First Texture Hacks

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, with these files do I have to edit them manualy, or can I put them right in the ISO from get-to go? :P

  2. MnSG says:

    The .mdl files can be used right off the bat. The BRRES files have to be imported into a file in order for them to work. This also applies to the TPL files.

    There will be two text documents for each download, so refer to them to figure out how to use the files. However, you will need the newer ntcompress.exe, and a hex editor to do this stuff.

  3. yougothacked says:

    I don't get it, can you give me the one thats already done for all texture

  4. MnSG says:

    @yougothacked: I can always e-mail the stuff to you. I just need your e-mail address though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you E-mail them to me too? :P All the mdl files (Like Tour and Menu all ready to put in the IOS) without having to edit them manually. I'll send my E-mail address to you. xD Thanks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Although…… how do I do it privately? :P

  7. Anonymous says:

    I sent you the E-mail! :D

  8. Yoshi Fan says:

    All the Files are missing, can u put the Blue Yoshi And Red Yoshi File up to download?

    • MnSG says:

      All done. Because my MediaFire account got permanently suspended, I had to turn to a different file hosting site.

      • Yoshi Fan says:

        Ok, got that Downloaded.:) Question, I know how to Texture MKWii, but I’m not sure how to Texture Mario Sports Mix, u think u could make a video so I can see what steps I should take in order to get it to work plz?:)

        Anyway, oh, I had also replied to ur e-mail if u didn’t get it yet.:P

        • MnSG says:

          Unfortunately, I’m not able to do a video tutorial for you. The files that can be used right off the bat are in the same directory format as with the ISO, but the other files have to be imported into some files that need to be decompressed. You’ll have to Google up Revolution SDK to find the decompressor tool.

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