Jose Gollardo Releases (Some) Texture Hacks

darkly77 Jose Gollard of NintendoBros has expanded and released two long-awaited textures. They were previously released as patches (without texture modded powerup suits) so could only be used by people who’d downloaded or ripped an NSMBw ISO and extracted the files, but since Riivolution is available and popular they’ve finally been released as .arc files, usable by anyone with a retail disc and a softmodded 4.3 Wii or standard 4.2 (or lower).

This is big news because the textures that he’s made have been begging release for a long time, and he talks of creating and releasing others too. View the post here, download Brawl Mario and Luigi here, and view his other, unreleased textures here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the hint!

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