How to export & replace textures

This guide tells you how to replace textures for characters, objects and backgrounds.

For this tutorial;, we’re going to replace the texture of a Koopa Troopa’s empty red shell to match the grey and pink colours of Portal’s Weighted Companion Cube. The same principals apply to other objects or characters though. Visit the tools page for downloads to all the programs mentioned here, and go here of you to download any of the files mentioned.

Extract ‘nokonokoA.arc’ from the objects folder in your NSMB ISO using WiiScrubber, or download it here. (If you don’t have an ISO, dump the contents of your NSMBwii disc to a USB drive using DumpMii.) Open it with SZS Modifier. In the ‘Open’ dialog, you’ll need to choose ‘All files’ from the drop-down menu in the bottom-right to find .arc files. Browse to the Textures folder and export ‘nokonoko_shell.2′ by double-clicking the image and choosing ‘File> Export’ from the preview window that appears. Save the file as ‘RedShell.png’.

Now edit ‘Redshell.png’ with your favourite graphics manipulation program. Paint.NET and GIMP are free and fairly easy to use, as is the version of MSPaint that comes with Windows 7. I use an old version of Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash). All you need to do is change the red to pink. Go here to download my finished version. Don’t forget to save with transparency when you’ve finished your version.

Now we’ll probably want to test our textures. First, load the model for the shell. Load ‘nokonokoA.arc’ into SZS Modifier again, and click on ‘nokonoko_shell’ in the 3DModels folder. Close the preview window that appears, right-click ‘nokonoko_shell’ and click ‘Export Raw Data…’. Save the file as ‘RedShellModel.brmdl’ and open it with Kentalin’s Model Viewer. Next, we’ll need to make a texture file. Download this texture file (brtex file) and open it with BrawlBox, expand the folder view and right-click on NewNode01, choose ‘Replace’ and choose your new texture, then save the file. If you want to make your own texture file, open BrawlBox and click New> Brres Resource Pack, right-click NewTree and choose ‘Import> Texture’ and choose your texture. Save the file as ‘RedShell.brtex’ (only the extension is important).

Now that you’ve got your texture file you can test your texture. Open RedShellModel.brmdl with Kentalin’s Model Viewer and choose ‘Textures> Load Single Texture’, then select ‘RedShell.brtex’. You’ll notice that you can’t fully test some textures, but this gives you a good idea of what it will look like in-game. Go here for more on Kentalin’s Model Viewer.

The final step is to replace the texture files in ‘nokonokoA.arc’. Open it with SZs Modifier and browse to ‘nokonoko_shell.2′ in the Textures folder, double-click the image on the right and click ‘File> Import’ from the preview window that opens. Click ‘Save’, then ‘File> Save’ to save the final file. Remember to keep backups of all your files in case you save over original files! You can download my finished version here.

To use it, just place it in your Riivolution patch folder. Go here for more information on loading hacks and patches with Riivolution.

Not quite perfect, but still looks cool!

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12 Responses to How to export & replace textures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a slight problem. I have my mario.arc loaded in SZS modifier and follow the steps so far. When I double click on it to export it nothing happens no matter how much I click! I really want to make this so please reply!!

  2. darkly77 says:

    Umm… Are you double-clicking the preview image on the right, or the filename?

  3. Anonymous says:

    brawlbox doesn't deal with brtex files apparently. it wont find the one you supply in this tutorial and the file extensions does not list that type of file at all! help!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    additional, now i made my own, the model viewer doesn't like it!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you need to use "Open with" to launch BRTEX files with BrawlBox, if it doesn't have an "All Files" option at the open dialog.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I need help I try to use .arc files with szs modifier and it says load error. this file may be incompatible with szs modifier

  7. Anonymous says:

    You need to unpack the .arc with U8Mii then open the file inside with szs modifier.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'm having an issue with my .png getting distorted when importing it into szs. The color from the hat are bleeding all over the nose, for example. The quality is altogether poor though.

  9. darkly77 says:

    You don't need to unpack the arc, SZS Modifier can open arc files (although doesn't list the format as supported).

    If you're getting distortion, try using BrawlBox. There's no distortion at all, but your files may not save. If you can't save your file, try using a more limited palette then importing the image with SZS Modifier. Different colours seem to bleed differently (I think light blue bleeds a lot), so mess about with colour shades too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I can't save. Why in the world is that?? I tried an old version of it called SmashBox and it saved, but the game crashes when it tries to load mario. I can tell which files are causing the crash because SZS can't read them off the model. The files that don't work say "CI8 haspallete-true" and the ones that work say "CMPR haspallete-false". I can change it to the CMPR when I import, but then the game crashes anyway. I can't do anything to get the colors to stop bleeding with SZS. This is so frustrating.

  11. m59 says:

    darkly!! I have great news. I found a guide with a solution to the szs distortion issue. I couldn't follow it exactly, but I posted my issues and my resolution in the replies on page 4. Check it out!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey… I have problems with the SZS modifier. When I try to open a arc file of SMG with it, it says "load error. this file may be incompatible with szs modifier" How can I fix it?

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